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Rx 570 8gb sk Hynix low hashrate

Hi I guys. First of all great OS!
I have following problem I am running 9 cards on a asrock H110 btc pro. Ssd, 8 gb RAM. BUT the hashrate of 3 GPUs which are so Hynix is very low. Since I am a noob in OC UV please help me. The hashrate is at about 19 to 20. The miner used is a phoenixminer and nbminer. Same result. OC settings are core 1175 , vdd 870 and mem 2125. I just used the OC on hiveos. I did not flash bios etc. As said I am a noob. A detailed guide would be very much appreciated l

Try to set the “Tweak” section in the OC config. I am using the default one which gives me ~31M