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RX 570 8GB settings

I just got 3 Biostar Gaming RX 570 and i’m having a hard time trying to get more than 20MH…

I Will BIOS mod them yet. but without bios mod the max MH that I was able to achive is 20. Is this OK for non bios mod?

Something is wrong. You should be able to get minimum 27MHZ without any mod. You need to tweak your OC a little. My guess try putting the REF to 30
PS :- I don’t have a Hynix RX570 but For Micron I usually get 29-33 MHZ without mods.

I’m trying to do the biosmod in windows but when i tried to flash using ATIWINFLASH i got and fail when flashing…trying to find a solution.

I managed to achive 25MH without bios mod doing a little tweak/oc

Upload your OC settings. I’ll try to help if I can with the OC.

care to share?