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RX 570 8Gb Sapphire


I am using your help simply because I have assembled a mining rig and everything is fine except for one problem that arose:
In summary, on a Gigabyte H310M S2H motherboard I have mounted an Intel Celeron with three graphics cards: an XfX Radeon rx 580 8Gb, an Asus Radeon rx 580 8Gb (which work and mine HiveOS superbly and finally a Sapphire Radeon rx 570 pulse, and it is when connecting through HiveOS (which is where I mine ethereum) where this last board gives problems. It is detected and appears along with the rest but after a minute the system indicates “offline” and all mining stops, it is as if it were disconnected of the rig. Sometimes it does not disconnect from the network, the connection continues and the other two rx 580 mine but the rx 570 does not mine, it remains there without showing readings. I do not know what to do. You can guide me to know approximately where I should go the problem to fix it?
I thank you in advance for your kindness.
Antonio jesus

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