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Rx 570 8gb MSI SK Hynix H5GQ8H24MJR · 113V34122-F3

Hi folks!
I need some help with my card, max mh/s 23.05. I have others and they are in 29mh.
i need to find a bios thats works
Thank for your help

you dont need to find anything. just download your stock bios from your cards, load it with polaris bios editor and one click patch it. then save it with different name and load it back to the gpu you downloaded it from. after bios modding start with core clock 1100, core voltage 850, memory clock 2000 and then start tweaking. your cards are very badly OC now. dont get them to 70 degrees.

Thank you rkulov! Look at this!
Its works but the temperature remains the same. I need do the same with the other cards?

I’d have my fans running at 60% or more before I tweaked it further. I’d expect temps to drop quite a bit from that alone and it will give you some room for making adjustments.

Do this for all cards and set the fan to atleast 60% . Then we will tweak them a bit.

Keep in mind that when flashing the buos back to the GPUs you need to stop the miner so the cards are idle.

Thanks to all for the help. I set the fun to 60% and the temperature is now in 46-50°
Thank you!

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