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RX 570 8Gb doens mine with OC

I have a RX570 8gb but it doenst want to mine with any OC setting, can someone help me out with this?
Before i changed its BIOS she does 24.45 mh/s, after i goes to 25.41 mh/s, but if i put any OC in it the miner simply doenst iniciate.

More info (miner - pool ) what bios ,with what software …
All polaris cards play with core 1150 and mem at 2000… with aggressive under voltage …

Using phoenixminer with ethermine, BIOS was made modding the original with Polaris
the RX580 is having some invalid shares in this config

My rx 570 with the same samsung works witb settings 1168 core clock, 860 core voltage, 800 memory controller volgage, 2050 2100 memory clock, aggressive undervolting on, amdmemtweak - - ref 30. Nothing else.

I will try using this settings today and then I give some feedback, thank you in advance

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