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RX 570 8GB Bios MOD -> HiveOS does not boot

Hello, I have two RX 570’s 8GB (XFX XXX & Asrock), with both of them, if I mod the bios then HiveOS doesn’t boot (I tried with Polaris Bios Editor and Red Bios Editor with same results). On windows, when bios is modded its nessesary to patch AMD drivers (atikmdag-patcher-1.4.6), what I can do to make them work on HiveOS? Anyone had success running Bios Modded 570’s on hiveOS?.

In windows I get 30MH/s with bios mod or “-mt 2” parameter in phoenix miner, but in HiveOs I can’t get more than 27MH/s.

Thanks in adavance for any help.

What settings do use in hive os?
What miner ?

Hi Nanial, I use phoenixminer, my settings for RX 570 8G are CORE: 1100, VDC: 850, VDCI:850, MEM: 2050, REF: 20. If I touch any of this parameters, Hive OS crashes.

Do you mod your cards or not?
you settings is correct in hive os for 580 and 570… for 5700xt is wrong…

My RX 5700 XT is bios modded, the settings are fine and the card runs without issues.
My question is about RX 570, which is not recongnized by HiveOS after flashing a modded bios at the point that not even boots.

Do you mod the 570 with polaris bios editor 1.7.5 ?

did you fix your issue I have the same one

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