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RX 570 4gb - what are your plans with Ethereum?

Hello everyone! That’s the title says, I would like to know what are your plans now that the Ethereum epoch has moved forward?
I can only get 12MH/s and it looks like it’s only going to get worse.
What is your current hash rate with similar cards and will you keep trying to mine Ethereum or switch to other currencies?
I’m quite new to mining so if you have higher gas rates maybe you can share your settings or other tips.
Many thanks!

Plug the cards into pcie x16 and use lolminer latest version. I still get with my rx470 25mh without oc. After march prob ravencoin

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thanks, that’s helpful.
I just hoped I can do something to fix my hashrate without having to invest in another motherboard.
at the moment my hashrate is so $hit, and I feel like I can squeeze more out of it.
but if it’s just a hardware issue and nothing else then I’ll probably leave it.

By the way, for the records, here is what my rig looks like:

Thanks everyone!

Sorry man, without the pcie x16 trick that’s just all the juice you can sqeeuze out of it right now.

You could set the core voltage to 850 and turn on AU to save another 20 - 30 watt…

Maybe in the coming weeks someone might come up with something again or they might rewind the dag file or something but i got bad hopes for that

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yap with risers there is nothing you can do.

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