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RX 570 4GB strange problem


My card Sapphire Nitro RX 570 4GB is providing 24.4mh/s (very stable) but that is only when i mine on my PC. Moving the card to my rig, it can’t go over 20mh mining Ethereum.

Both setups are running same hiveos versions, the card is connected to pcie x16 port, using the same flight sheet and overclock.

So yeah, the only difference is motherboard, power supply, ram memory and proccessor.

Pc config:
Motherboard B250M PRO-VD (MS-7A74)
CPU 4 × Intel® Core™ i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz
RAM 16GB ddr4
SSD 128
650w power supply

Rig config;
Motherboard TB250-BTC BIOSTAR
CPU 2 × Intel® Celeron® CPU G3900 @ 2.80GHz
SSD 128
1200w power supply

What could be the issue? I don’t get it.

I am using the same card from but with overclock the Maximum I get is 20Mh on a PC connected to pcie x16 port.

Can you tell me what miner and pool are you using




I use lolminer v23 and hiveonpool. I dont think the pool matter but you must bios mod your card with polaris bios editor

Thanks for the info

I will search for it to mod i hope i do it… I have never mod a gpu bios before

My card is from PowerColor I have Mod my Bios and I am getting 25.31 Mh very stable. Do you use overclock settings on the card… Check My setting and apply to your Your Rig and see if it make any changes.

I have solved the problem. The solution was to change some settings in the bios of motherboard.
Turned on Mining mode
Turned on Above 4g decoding
Turned off CSM Support
Switched some graphic settings to UEFI only

Now getting 24.4

my settings are
=== GPU 0, 01:00.0 Radeon RX 570 4096 MB ===
Bios: 113-2E366FU-O5K, UUID: M61D90091007
Core: 1340 MHz 1150mV, Mem: 2100 MHz 900mV, VDDCI: 900mV, REF: 5
PerfCtrl: manual, Load: 100%, MemLoad: 73%, Power: 80.244 W, Cap: 160 W
Core: 58°C, Fan: 47%, RPM: 1937
Core state: 7, clocks: 300 588 952 1041 1106 1168 1209 1340*
Mem state: 2, clocks: 300 2000 2100*
PCIE Link speed: GEN3 (8.0GT/s), PCIE Link width: x16
Memory total: 4096.00 MB, used: 4091.74 MB, free: 4.26 MB, type: Samsung K4G41325FE
VDDC: 1150mV, VDDCI: 950mV

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