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RX 570 4GB HYNIX SAPPHIRE any good mod recommendations?!

I’m stuck.
Any good mod recommendations?
Is it all about the individual config settings for the cards? or is it the ‘miner’ setting in the Flight Sheet that matters most?
I am still very much a novice. I’m looking just to ‘set it and forget it’ if that is still a possibility these days. I understand that I am limited due to the 4GB.

Any advice or conversation is welcome. Thanks very much!

Hi! I was wondering what is your hash rate? I’ve got the same cards as you and I can underachieve 12 MH per second for Ethereum .
What is your hash rate?

This is what I get mining Ethereum Classic:

impressive, double my speed basically.
I’m stuck at 11 per GPU, feels like a loss almost.
Looking for ways I can improve mine.
I’m a novice too, trying to find my way.
Here’s a screen with mine. I applied some of your settings to test it but it didn’t make a difference :confused:
Are your cards modified or something?
Can I also ask what motherboard are you using?

he is mining ETC you are on ETH

:slight_smile: good point! Missed that bit. Taking my words back

How’s it going? Are you still mining ETH or did you switch to ETC?

I switched to ETC. Doesn’t seem to make sense to keep pushing ETH when the cards I’ve got aren’t suitable anymore.

Yeah, that makes sense.
Do you have any indication who long we’ll be able to mine ETC with our similar rigs?
And, I’m curious, are you just stacking ETC or do you diversify? If so, how?

tbh I don’t know for how long ETC will be mineable, I guess for at least another year.
I am switching, depending on what’s most profitable.
but most of the time I just leave it on one because it doesn’t seem to be making too much of a difference

My setup stopped working on the 24th - just found out - pissed.

Is your setup still working ?
Mind sharing your settings if it is ?
I need to get this back up and running.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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