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Rx 570 4gb eth 28mhs

I’m digging Etherium with my 4gb card. Is there anybody who takes these speeds?Miner lolminer riser disconnected. X16 slot depending on motherboard

Please post your OC i cant get more than 15mhs in mine rx570 (gigabyte samsung memory) card

now my print card is 25mhs because efficiency is low I set up overclocking now core 1250, voltaj 830, mem 2050, ref 30

any recommendation on i can improve my setting?

You should turn to coins such as ergo, turtle, etherium is no longer mined with 4gb, even if there is no efficiency.

i followed your advice. i started mining other coins ended up mining ETC. do you happen to have any suggestion on how i can improve my hash rate? tia.

Increase core and meme, increase mhs.

thanks again. i will definitely try this.

Hello bro I want to ask you something can I mine Ethereum on 4 gb in 2022

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