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RX 570 4gb being recognized with wrong bios by HiveOS?


Hello all.
New to the forums, but this issue made me create an account lol

I have about 10 RX 570 4gb cards that I’m trying to get back to stock bios in order to sell off to regular people on Ebay. Running into some issues making this work through my gaming desktop, I thought I’d just pop them on a rig of mine and give a mass-flash a shot to see how well that worked out.

Anyways, this is the first issue I’ve run into:
I have 5 MSI Gaming X 4Gb cards, all with seemingly the same GDDR5 ram on the rig right now. I have only attempted flashing, assumedly the bottom 2 on the list, in Windows with what I now know is one of many potential stock bios configurations. Windows was giving me a lot of issues with bios flashing, then crash looping afterwards.
The bottom one is basically unrecognized by HiveOS now that I load it up. No idea why it only reads as 4096M instead of 4096 MB like the other 4, but I believe whatever is causing this is the reason it isn’t recognized.

Could this have been a bad bios flash on my part? Any tips for this issue or bios flashing to stock in general? Thanks for any help!

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