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Rx 570 4gb after 1 hour mining hash rate goes zero

On hiveos I started to mine from rx 570
I got 11 to 14 mhash on eth
But the problem is after 1 hour or something it goes to zero hash rate …
Using i3 and esonic motherboard and 8gb ddr3 …
I tried many overclocking and watched so many video like zombie settings to normal setting…
Still I’m getting same issue dnt understand what to do :expressionless:

at last same result … help ( I use direct boot from usb hiveos )

you cant mine ETH with 4GB card, thats all. Mine Raven or Ergo.

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But ppl are still mining eth with Rx570 4g I see lot of videos and in the form it self available…
I tried with etc still happening the same …

where did you get this GPU? Is it bios modded ?

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I’m using esonic h61 motherboard I dnt understand how to update the bio , ddr3 ram 8gb , i3 3rd gen processor …
I got this gpu from cybercafe guy who sold due to shop closed …

I ment if you bios moded the GPU.

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How to do that :roll_eyes:

Download your bios from the GPU through the overclock tab there is a download bios button. Then download polaris bios editor and open it. The click one click bios edit. Save it with different name. Then go stop your miner and in the overclock tab you have flash bios button. Load the modded file, click force flash and flash it to the card. Reboot and check if everything works.

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Let me try this , thanks bro

Do you succeed with Ethereum on 4GB card because Mine is keep restarting…

where did you see the video as you mentioned above… Could you please share the link.
By the way Mine is giving 16.6 Mhs which is 1 usd per day and if i mine ETC give me 32 Mhs which 1.4 usd per day so mining eth is not worth it.

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Yes , thanks to rkulov :pray:
after bio everything fine but cnt mine eth …getting msg that video memory cant be sufficient…mine something else lolz…
I’m mining etc 30mhs …hiveos…
But how to check how much earning per day… ???

Ah OK I thought you are mining ethereum… I am also mining etc with 32 mhs

Go down and you fill find mining calculator

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Thanks man
But we estimate we can’t see how much shares and other stuff wil be calculated
Pretty confusing

You put your hash rate but 30 mh will give you 1.3 $ per day according to today etc price

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4gb cards can mine raven, etc and ergo Because for now their dag size is small and they mine them like the 8g ones. Same hashrate. But no eth sorry.


That’s fine with me … but is that any way to check own status means
How many hash rates completed and how many valid shares and what il be the cost for that??

everyminer shows stats if you check the running logs but the if you want to calculate your earning just go to google and type ETC profit calculator and you will find a lot of website … There you just need to put your Hashrate and click on calculate it will tell you based on the current price of ETC your daily , weekly and monthly income

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Thanks :pray: I wil follow that

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