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RX 5600 XT vbios change : stays in "In process VBIOS" / Impossible to restore backup

I have a Sapphire-RX 5600 XT 6 GB Pulse; so, I uploaded the associated BIOS on
I backuped up the initial of the rx 5600 xt.
Then I loaded the new one.
As the card stayed on “In process VBIOS”, I restarted the card.

Then I loaded the intial ROM.
But the cards stayed in “In process VBIOS”

After a reboot and 15/20 minutes, it finally changed to the “New” BIOS; but the RIG does not restart.
An when I try again to load the old BIOS, after more than 20 minutes, the status changes from “In process VBIOS” …to the new BIOS…
Impossible to restore the old one.

… Any idea?

I finally flahsed the card with amdvbflash under linux, and restored the inital BIOS.

Back on HiveOS, I tried to flash the 5600 XT with the latest BIOS => Blocked once again…
=> New flash with amdvbflash.

=> The situation has come back to a stable one, with the initial BIOS.

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