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RX 560

Dear Guys,

can i use my RX560 with Hive?

[quote=“Isnobad;238”]Dear Guys,

can i use my RX560 with Hive? [/quote]

Yes we can :#

Hive detected the card as a rx460 card.
Best XMR Hash Rate with

Intense: 666
Worksize: 8
Striped: false

// do you have some other setups?

Hardware Details
PowerColor Rx560 2GB
Bios Mod 1025/1965

In Windows 10x64 with XMRIG AMD the card run with “double connecting” @460hash with same power!

For XMRIG Windows:

2x 444/8 … more details later form my workstation.

I have install the latest XMRIG AMD on the hive system for checking the hashrate… it’s the same. 420/425 with double connecting.
(Please Add XMRIG to Miners :smile: )

Maybe it will be the driver… or Linux distribution… but…
The hive sys looks really nice. Works fine and the 40 hash increase/ difference will be for the moment “ok”. I will check ^^

Some problems are detected with the AMD OC Tool, if I setup the powermangement, the system will some time crash down (normally @1025/1050)
Some others issue:
Sometimes the Cards don’t start or with minimum hashrate, fix:
Overclock the gpu for seconds to 1300Mhz and back to 1025 in few seconds. The card "come back after that and works without errors. This issue will only came on start-up, not at mining. When I stop the miner for minutes an then restart it’s: the same issue.

I think: it was the Powermangement, and the problem to start-up to customized 1025 mhz.
Same problem in Windows… here I can pull up with afterburner manualy the power and back to normaly, the card comes back from low state mode.

(… be cont)

Dear Guys, I have a small problem. RX 560 on Windows showed 470-480 hashes, on Hive os 420. Algorithm kryptonite. sgminer. “rawintensity”: “500”. Kernel 1150, Memory 1900. Hynix. What else can i do to improve hashrate?

The problem is solved. I installed the system from this image