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RX 5500 XT Settings, what's your hashrates?

I have 2 ASUS ROG STRIX 5500 XT running and until now I have only applied some minor changes. I know people modify the BIOS of these cards.
Is anyone else running one of these and can give advice on what settings to use?

Currently I’m at 27 MH/s @ 70Watt

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What configuration are you using, mine is 25.32 MH/s

I cannot go for more than 26, it is unstable then… what are your settings? Stock BIOS or modded? Thanks.

Currently I am at 27 MH with Core at 1100 and Mem at 960/970, PL is 70
BIOS is stock, still
Stable, btw.

Try this stable for 13 days. Stock bios mining @28MH


I’ll try. Settings look good from what I can see. I assume PL is not set?

Thx for sharing :sunglasses:

Nice, 28 MH @ 57 and 58 reported
For both cards in total I saved 35Watts @ the wall
Looking stable so far

Any idea on how to optimize the BIOS?

Thx bud, these settings got me upto 28.08 and stopped the rig rebooting.

i have this configuration. stable for a 45 days


I got same result as your for RX 5500XT with that setting. :slight_smile:
Got 28.32MHz @ CC: 1150 & MC: 980

im trying using now…see you

Bro I used your suggested settings and still the worker reboots every 3 minutes complaining about low hashrate. I am using 4 AMD RX5500XT GPUs. can you tell me what I am doing wrong? I tried mining eth then zil. I use various tweaks. Still complains about a low hashrate and when I look at the log it fails to connect to pool servers repeatedly. Any ideas?

Thanks bro. I figured it out. My minimum hashrate on the watchdog was too high. I set it to 24MH/s then also I had incorrect miner config command setting. After correcting these I am now getting average 28.55MH/s on each card and 100% efficiency. With zero invalid shares.Thank you.

10/10, seems stable for the last few hours, thanks for the clock! i was having trouble finding a good vbios flashing video for these and this got it into the range i was hoping for!

Hey guys can someone let me know what the clock specs are for your cards? im getting a max of 26 m/hs with

this clock crashes every now and then so looking for something stable!
any ideas?

I reached 28.4 thanks a lot!

29.6 is the best I could get
Settings below
Micron memory seem to overclock better than Samsung in this scenario

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what miner are you using?

Phoenix Miner via HiveOS

Well, not too bad but honestly, the 1,5MH increase isn’t worth the extra wattage.

could you help me with my 2 Sapphire RX5500 XT nitro+ special edition?
Is it possible to unlock the BIOS? This is the best I can get with the stock BIOS … if I try to set a Mem clock > 900 everything crashes…