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Rx 480 8GB high power cunsumption

Hi guys i just got a rig put together with 7 rx 480 8GB cards and im trying to tweak the power settings to try and get what im seeing elsewhere online (the best being aroun 70W per card) instead im getting twice that at roughly 146w per card. ive tried enabling extreme undervolting and following what other posts have said and i just cant get it to come down any lower than that.

Ive noticed this with my other AMD system too. One has 4 rx 5600xts eating around 160w and wont come lower to what it should (80ish) and my rx 5500xt is just as bad, eating around twice what it should. All of my AMD cards seem to eat crap tons of power. but my nvidea based system with two 1660 supers seem to go within their power limits just fine.

what gives?

Hi AliceXVI and welcome to the forum, are you using stock bios ?


yes, on all of them.

Well flash the bios first, they should hash easily 30/Mhs with similar power consumption and lower temperature.
Then try this settings the watts reading has been put manually and it was the reading from the wall

Check out my settings used for ASUS RX480. was able to get 28mh out of the stock bios.

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