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RX 480 8GB goes offline, can you help with OC settings

Hi guys, I have a problem.

My RX 480 8GB PowerColor(Samsung memory) was stable for around two weeks at 2200mem, making around 29MH/s but few days ago it started crashing. Now it is crashing the rig(it goes offline) even on 2040mem after few hours.

My OC: Core 1150, DPM 1, VDD 900, Mem 2000, Fan 60%, Aggressive undervolting on, amdmemetweak --REF 20

It is making only 25,92MH/s on this settings.

Do you know what might be a problem?

Can you suggest me some OC settings to make it more stable and more MH/s?

Thank you for your help.

Are you just running that single card? And it’s stable if you lower the memory a bit?

Yes, just one card. Yeah, now I am on 2000mem and it looks stable but only 25,9 MH/s.

Worth trying to up the core voltage a little and see if that helps first. As memory and core voltage are tied together on Polaris cards.

Have you tried modding the bios? Most Samsung can do 30mh with stock bios but if you’re is struggling it’s worth trying.

Thank you, I will try to up core voltage and memory and I will let you know.

No, I did not try that. I am not sure how to do that, do you have maybe any video or something?
Thank you for your help.

If you search YouTube there should be a bunch of guides for bios modding Polaris cards, it’s pretty straight forward

I will try that.

I also tried to increase the VDD and so far with 1150 core, 940 VDD and 2170 mem it is doing 28,1MH/s. It is stable one hour so far.

Would you suggest to increase VDD and MEM a bit more?
Thank you

As high on the mem as you can go and keep stable, and then as low on the voltage that also keeps that stable is what you want.

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