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Rx 480/580 Overclock settings do notwork anymore

Hi co miners.
My hobby rig has problems. I had good OV settings wich work for years. I know that 4 GB Cards have a problem but i have Saphire and XFX 8 GB. Last days i get a lot of errors mining ETH with Phoenix Miner (newest) but just lowering memory clock speed does not solve the errors. The funny thing is sometomes the rig runs for hours on my old settings than a lot of bad shares happens. Even when i lower the memory speed or core speed it doesonly get a bit better but there are stale share even with very low OV settings.

Can some of the professional guys give us a hint how to solve the problem. And what to look for.
Voltage up? REF = 0? What is the best way to find good OV settings for the new situation?

Thanks a lotfor your help.


You will always get stale shares. They are due to the internet. Just look if you get invalids. They are due to OC settings

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