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Rx 480 4gb

How much do you get on ravencoin? I ve got 11.2 mh/s and nothing more. Is it real to get 14 mh/s ? How?
I’ve got polaris bios mod.
Please help

More than real. But it will cost extra power usage.
Any of ProgPoW variants including KawPoW (algo of Ravencoin) more power-hungry than Ethash algo.
You’ll need to adjust Core Clock to achieve a higher hashrate and adjust Core voltage for stability but you will pay for it by higher power usage.

Thanks for the answer and some information.
Each of my attempts to set the OC ends with stopping the extraction, what should I give the values ​​to reach 14 mh/s? Let’s say I’m not looking at the power usage.


I’m not mine RVN. Just run it for you on my preset
GPU0 is 580 and other is 470
Core Clk 1100 @ 850 mV
VDDCI 800 mV
Mem 1900 MHz (on Ethash all GPUs mem clock higher)
tREF 10

Wattage by wattmeter is 1.4kW
You can use it as start point

Up after some warming up

I’ve got on this setting 1.75 mh/s :confused:

If your results will still low that need look into BIOS

crashed after inserting these settings, a red cross appeared in the graphics card field

Sure mem clock should fit to your memory chips. My is Hynix for GPU0 and rest Elpida

Mine is also hynix. On the teamredminer now I have a stable 12.2 mh / s

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