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Rx 470 works fine until any overclock is set

I have a Rx 470 card that is mining ravencoin using nanominer and it will mine ok, even if it’s a bit hot, however if I try to set any overclock profile or undervolt at all it will just not work. It will just stop mining and eventually shut down the whole rig. Very weird.

What clocks are you trying to set?

I’ve used a variety of recommended profiles online for these cards and none of them worked, I’ve also tried just changing the clocks or just changing the voltage and it’s the same result

Try teamredminer, and find the highest mem clock that’s stable, then lowest core clock that maintains full hashrate, then lowest core voltage that maintains stability. Just do one value at a time.

No value of memory is stable … that’s the problem also team red miner does not work it just crashes the rest of the rig when I try to use it, only nanominer works.

Lower than stock memory values crash too? And teamredminer isn’t causing the crashes, something else is as you’re still having issues.

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