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Rx 470 GPU Dead Erorr

Hi guys, currently i bought 2 AMD XFX RX 470 8GB and built my own rig.

First week was full of problems, however I managed to stabilize it and make it work.
Changed from PhoenixMiner which gave me reboots at a rate of 4-5 per night to TeamRedMiners which gave me GPU 0 or GPU 1 Dead Detected and then rebooting. I managed to keep the miner up to 23 hours then it got rebooted.

Searched through a lot of threads and topics but i couldn’t find a solution to my problem, most of them were talking about the OC settings. But i’m not OC my cards, i’m even underclocking them. My temperatures are around 45-50 degree and i don’t think that’s a problem. Risers are not a problem, they are brand new and not a cheap ones. I should mention that my cards are having the BIOS changed to a mining one, not the original.
My current OC settings are (28.6 MH/s with 60W for each card):

If someone could help me with better OC settings or any other solutions to my problem i will really appreciate it, i just want to let my miner run whole days without restarting.

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