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RX 470 cards keep rebooting

I have (3) RX 470, with modified vbios. when I only have two cards, they worked fine. after adding the thrid card, the rig keeps rebooting. Is there anyway I can find what causes the rebooting? The thrid card is the MSI one. Let me try lower the core and see if it helps. Thanks.

Is the this the error that causes reboot?
[ 15.626434] [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes

Which miner software are you using and also check your power watt if you have enough power wattage available for all 3 cards

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I think I have both OC problem and power problem. I separated them into 2 rigs, and lowered core clocks of 1230 one to 1220, and 1340 one to 1330. It seems they are stablized. I will put them back together once I get a new psu that can support 3 cards

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I am using lolminer now and it tells which CPU died before the rig reboot. It is very helpful.

Good that you sorted the problem

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