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Rx 470 4gb not enough Mh

Hello .
I am new in this krypto world and heve many quastions but one is get me flustreited.
How to get those 28 mh on mining eth .
I have made lol miner with this new 4080 renge from the telegram.
I have run OC on 1200
such a data and have such a Gpu :
Radeon RX 470 4096 MB · Sapphire

Elpida EDW4032BABG · 113-2E353GU.M59

And yes i have get those new bios from a link bellow of the card ofcours on hive platforms
Can any one tell me what is not working ?
My has ret is on the level of 19 mh and i can not brek throu 21 mh .


What coin are you mining.

I think it might be the 4 Gb memory.

I,am mininhg eth .
But what with that memory is it ?
And the bios wiytch il get from hivos :slight_smile: VBIOSGPU #0 from worker Ciech (Radeon RX 470 4096 MB)

Look to current epoch number and current DAG size firstly
Secondly If you has old motherboard with PCI-E 2.0 specification than you will get ~20-21MH and t’s good.
To get up to 28MH you’ll need motherboard with PCI-E 3.0+ specification.

Yes i now what you mean with this dag (4g) But ther is zombie mode and i hop it will work .
And i must check for this pcie i did nit now it .
And what about the golden key to mining eth ?
I mean i should with team red miner or lol or mayby phonmix or ather one .
And may most imortant wich are the best setings on OC parametrs becose i can not get thru as i sad 19 mh above ill try 1150 and 1900 and nothing .

Het and wher can i find amd - info will working in hiv os ?
Becouse il find this :
- You can control available GPU memory with amd-info after mining started.
or mayby anather words wher can i see on line my aktual memory and clock usege on hive os. without monitor on the miner ?

I have
25.5 MHs on 290, 900MHz 1030mV 125W PCIE 3.0x16, lolminer zombie


35.5MHs on 2x290, 900MHz 1030mV 240W, 2xPCIe 3.0x8, lolminer zombie

How is it posibel ?
Those 290 are mayby 8gb

8GB unfurnately not. 4GB only - nounlockable to 290x. 8GB model shoud give 30MHs without zombie mode and x16 (8) PCIe lines.

Look at my stats on amd info is it ok ?
can i do something beter or mayby something is going to rong way ?
Wed Apr 14 14:32:29 CEST 2021 === GPU 0, 01:00.0 Radeon RX 470 4096 MB === Bios: 113-2E353GU.M59 , UUID: M742Y0021101 Core: 1250 MHz 850mV , Mem: 1920 MHz 850mV , VDDCI: 900mV , REF: 30 PerfCtrl: manual , Load: 100% , MemLoad: 79% , Power: 68.140 W , Cap: 122 W Core: 49°C , Fan: 47% , RPM: 1728 Core state: 7 , clocks: 300 466 751 1019 1074 1126 1169 1250* Mem state: 1 , clocks: 300 1920* PCIE Link speed: GEN2 (5.0GT/s) , PCIE Link width: x16 Memory total: 4096.00 MB , used: 4095.22 MB , free: 0.78 MB , type: Elpida EDW4032BABG VDDC: 850mV , VDDCI: 900mV

Gen2 PCIe is Hashrate killer for Zombie mode.
Also you can lower memory frequency to 1.7GHz because of straps.May be it help slighty, may be not.

but how to do that ? how can i lower the frequency and how much ?

By overclocking of course.

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