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RX 470 4GB Mining edition Raven bios - Willing to pay

Hello, does anyone have bios for RX 470 4GB that gets around 14MH/s? I’m getting 12-13MHS with mine and I am not quite satisfied.

I know that other people are having around 14. I would really appreciate it if someone could help, I am also willing to donate some coins to somebody that can help me.

Memory is SK Hynix H5GC4H24AJR.

Thanks in advance

Hi, What are you mining? ETH?


I have the same card mining Ethereum on hiveos, with lolminer v23 zombie mode and getting 24.4mh which is quite good. Would you like to try that?

That sounds great. Sure mate, With that hash rate it’s much more profitable than my 12.5MH/s on the raven coin.

I would appreciate it if you could leave it here or send it it my DM

Well just put the card directly into pcie x16 port, install hiveos, configure flight sheet to run lolminer v1.23 and ofc change to ETH
It does not work with a riser nor other miners

Damn RIP, I knew there was a catch. My motherboard has only one PCI-E 16x. I have 11 cards…

I always wanted to to buy a motherboard like btc 250 d+ that has multiple pcie x16 slots and if it works, then bingo!

Watch this

RIP I didn’t know it was still that good on ETH. Well thank you for your suggestions, I guess I will keep looking for RVN bios.

Did you try overlclocking?

@akovacevic Are you using any special settings? I’m using lolminer 1.23 with --keepfree=5 and only getting 17.5 mh/s on a 4gb RX570 (with no overclock).

@Janko1337 are you overclocking? I’m only managing 9.5-10 mh/s on RVN without an overclock l, since the overclock I used for ETH doesn’t work for RVN.

Well it sounds like your card isn’t bios modded

Use polaris one click bios editor (watch yt tutorials)
I dont use keepfree but only additional settings is
–4g-alloc-size 4076

I also overclocked it, 1150 memory and 2100 clock, ref 30

Hashrate kinda dropped now it is 23.30

@akovacevic I actually had modded the BIOS a long time ago. For some reason the card doesn’t want to overclock though any more (it used to when I was on Windows and the DAG was under 4GB).
I tried those settings you mentioned and the card just shows as “N/A” hash rate. The only overclock setting it will accept is ref=30, which pushes it up to just under 18. Thanks for your suggestions though.

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