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[Rvn] setting questions for help (CCminer_Nvidia_Rvn)

Hello, everyone

Have a question, I want to ask.
About CCminer - Rvn
I used CCminer in [Windows].
But I have not operated on HiveOS.

I am attaching some pictures.
It is the result of these two days of research.

Don’t know if this setting is OK?

Or can someone share the settings of the currently stable machine?

Thank you very much for reading.
I hope to be able to share, discuss, and help

thank you very much

This is GOOGLE translation

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Just observed and found
“intensity” : Too high will cause MH to drop?
Setting 21: The number of 17MH appears
Currently set “intensity” : 20
MH floats at 18~19

Let the operation time be a little longer
Observing stability

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