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Rvn - rtx 3070

everything was working fine but now it started to show Low acceptable ratio works, I’ve tried several overclocking settings and nothing seems to change the 9 efficiencies, what would be the right setting for the T-Rex + 3070 + RVN?

There is an issue with the hiveon ravencoin pool that is impacting some users currently. It’s unlikely your settings causing it and something on the pool side. We are still investigating the issue but in order to continue mining you may want to switch to another coin or pool for now.

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If so, will it be free of charge ? (for the time you’re patching the thing)

Pool issues should be resolved as of a day or two ago, pricing remains constant, so whether you will be charged or not depends on how many rigs and what you are mining to what pools. Prices and Packages

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