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RVN Pool getting rejected shares on HiveOn, but not other pools

This started yesterday for some reason. Using teamredminer on my rigs. Whenever I mine against HiveOn, all shares are rejected. Whenever I mine against any other pool they are all accepted. Did something happen to the HiveOn RVN pool yesterday? Still happening now on HiveOn.

I’m getting the same. I have 3 rigs running. 2 NV only and one AMD only. I’m getting 100% rejected shares no matter what I do.

Here’s my error: kawpow - #4 Share rejected: {“error”:[-32603,“Internal error”,“NULL”]}, 75 ms. [DEVICE 6, #2]

Getting same issue. Out of no where all shares are getting rejected. Using TRM. same error as above.

My miners stopped at noon est yesterday. I just switched my flightplans to flypool until it gets sorted.

switched to flypool and now working for me. thanks @killertunes

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There is an issue impacting some users, we are thinking possibly due to auto routing systems but haven’t pinpointed the cause exactly. But we are aware and have been working on it.

Has this been fixed yet?

As far as I know it was resolved a few days ago.

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