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Rvn fork - ccminer exited, waiting to cooldown a bit

Does anyone else get this with ccminer - rvn fork when mining x16r? If so have you been able to fix it? It seems to only happen with certain algos (I think)

SOLVED: RVN fork can only work with up to 8 GPUS at once… or so I read ;

no issues when selecting only 8 GPUS (of 12)

Is anybody seen ccminer-enemy sources or binary for linux?
Thank you.

I have rig with 12 GPU. Can I start first RVN miner for first 6 GPU and then second RVN miner for next six GPU?

I’ve got 13 card rigs and I don’t think you can run a second cc-miner. So I’m having to run 8 on Raven using CC-Miner and 5 on BTCP using BMiner. Hopefully, they’ll add CCMiner Enemy soon!

Please don’t make me go back to Windows. :’( :’( :’(

same thing here, they should add the nevermore and enemy :neutral:

just had to flash a smos installation for this very reason… :frowning:

sgminer for Linux and amd (i think)

So when can i mine x16s on amd?

@dsp I’m using that fork to mine x16s on my AMD cards in Windows, waiting for HiveOS to include that fork. Is there a tutorial in how to add your own forks to HiveOS?

SMOS already has that fork added to their list of miners. Although they have an older version.