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Running XPM miner on mix rigs (A+N)

As you know HiveOS can’t run two instances of the same miner, so there is a problem to mine XPM on mix rigs with AMD and Nvidia cards. To solve it I recommend to use integrated OpenCL miner for AMD and custom CUDA miner for Nvidia cards.

  1. Create new standard Flight Sheet for AMD with OpenCL fork of XPMMiner and add second miner - Custom:

  2. Setup Custom miner config:

    Miner name: xpmclient_cuda
    Installation URL:
    Hash algorithm: prime
    Wallet and worker template: YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.YOUR_WORKER_NAME
    Extra config arguments are the same as in integrated miner. One per line in the following format. You can add “;” at the end of the line but this is completely optional. For example:
    devices = [“1”, “1”, “1”, “1”, “0”, “0”, “0”, “0”]; list of the all devices of the rig, “1” means use device, “0” means don’t use
    sievePerRound = [“5”, “5”, “5”, “5”, “5”, “5”, “5”, “5”]; sieves per round value, default is “5”
    cpuload = “1”; Valid cpuload range: 0 to 4, you can use 0 for really slow CPUs

Other Extra config parameters can be found in XPM Miner BCT thread

  1. Profit!