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Running third-party software (e.g. HandBrake) on HiveOS

I would like to run some command line programs, such as HandBrakeCLI, on HiveOS. This is because I have a large volume of videos that I would like to compress. I have a decent CPU on my HiveOS rig but typically don’t use it.

I was thinking of using Windows and running Handbrake to utilize the CPU while the Windows miner ran as usual, but I prefer using HiveOS over Windows.

Is it possible for me to install and use Handbrake on HiveOS normally while I am mining? Will it cause any performance deterioration to my mining if I do so? Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

Note: typically Handbrake does not utilize the GPU unless explicitly asked to. I am only thinking of using my CPU to compress these videos.

Answer; just tried it out, it seems to work fine. The only issue I’ve noticed is when trying to run 10 Handbrake jobs in parallel (by accident) it seemed to freeze up HiveOS. I also accidentally froze up HiveOS by running a Handbrake job while mining Monero (I thought one of the two would be throttled, but didn’t realize it would freeze the whole system).

I stopped mining Monero and ran just one Handbrake command at a time, and it worked quite well.

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