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Running commands/bash jobs are killed when Hive Shell session expires

I am trying to utilize the CPU on my motherboard for something while my GPUs are mining. I decided to compress some videos with Handbrake using my CPU. I installed it on my HiveOS installation, which is easy since Handbrake is available for Linux.

Right now to compress these videos, I start a Hive Shell session and ssh into HiveOS. From there, I run a Handbrake command to compress some video files I have. It starts to run and I can close my Hive Shell window and it’ll run in the background.

The issue is that this command seems to stop running when the Hive Shell session expires. This seems to be about 15 minutes or so after I open the session. I need the command to run indefinitely, because some of the video files take hours to convert.

How do I ensure that my Handbrake job will continue to run even after the session expires? I just want my bash for loop to run all day to convert all the videos in a folder, but HiveOS is not letting me do that.

Update: it seems like when I run the command in the regular bash Hive Shell, it keeps running even after closing. However, it turns out that if I run the command in zsh (which I installed), it stops running after Hive Shell stops. Any tips, or am I doomed to use just bash for stuff?

One other oddity: it seems like the command is still running, but when I open the Hive Shell again after it terminates, it doesn’t seem to show the Handbrake job anywhere. But it’s running since it’s using up my CPU and RAM resources. Any suggestions on why this is would be appreciated.

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