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Running any nvidia miner on hive from command shell

Following text implies you understand how to use ssh/teleconsole and you won’t be getting any hashrate stats or notifications from hive.

This is an example based on zjazz x22i miner, you can run any other linux precompiled miner like that. Basically just copy-paste every code line one-by-one in the shell.

  1. open teleconsole/ssh and login
  2. create a directory and open it mkdir /hive/custom/zjazz && cd /hive/custom/zjazz
  3. download miner wget
  4. extract miner tar -zxvf zjazz_cuda9.1_linux_suqa_0.991.tar.gz
  5. change directory cd zjazz_cuda9.1_linux
  6. add executable permission to miner chmod +x zjazz_cuda

Note: you can also use WinSCP or similar software to do what was described above in GUI fashion.

Now we need to add cuda libraries location to system environment cause hive didn’t do that by default.

  1. open file in text editor nano /etc/
  2. type there /hive/ccminer/cuda
  3. press ctrl+x -> y to save changes in the text file
  4. save changes in the system by entering ldconfig

Now we can run the miner. In order for it to be able to run when we close the ssh/teleconsole session, we will use nohup

10.1 stop hiveos miner miner stop
11. nohup ./zjazz_cuda -a x22i -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET.worker -p x &

That’s it, the miner should be working.

In order to see if it’s working, you can use: tail nohup.out to see the end of the log, or nano nohup.out to see it fully.

To stop the miner use killall zjazz_cuda

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It doesn’t work anymore with version 6 of HiveOS. It keeps asking for cuda 9.2 drivers. I can’t locate them… I have tried to add this


It doesn’t do the trick! :frowning:

Did you update the drivers? Use built in nvidia-driver-update command

Yup, I have tried everything. Doesn’t work anymore.

You just have to use /hive/lib instead of /hive/ccminer/cuda