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Run lolminer 1.3 error report

After running for a few hours, if the following error message is reported, lolminer will restart:

Unrecoverable memory error by GPU 2.
Reset of all Cuda GPUs required.
Please check your (memory) OC & UV settings on this card.
New job received: 0x542ce7 Epoch: 425 Target: 000000016e80fe03
Device 0 detected as crashed.
Closing miner and trying to call external script: ./ (–watchdog script)

After trying to reduce the video memory frequency from 2500 to 2400, the error will still occur

Core is high also i think. what are you mining with this card? is this the LHR series card ?

i got this error like 6 times today, and my setting are like this for months, i havent touched anything!
since they released the hashrate unlock, it was running fine, but recently is crazy!
core - 1450
mem - 2150
pl 115
getting like 38 to 38.5 at most right now…

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