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Run command after the rigs is booted up?

I have to run “nvidia-smi -lmc 810” command for some algorithms.

1- I have to reboot the rig.
2- The power company sometimes cuts the power electric off/on. The rig runs after the power electirc is on.

I looked for the option run command after the rig booted up, but i couldnt find it.
Is it possible to add this feature in HiveOS ?
It will be good if it is at the overclocking page because only some alogirthms need it.
We can forget to delete it if it is located at the setting page after we can mining coin.

+1 the oc interface would be the best place for this

also, think nvidia-smi -rmc should clear the lock

I always reboot the rig if i change the mining progress to diffrent algorithm coin. it s better.
So i dont use nvidia-smi -rmc command. But “nvidia-smi -lmc 810” command is so necessary as i always forget it to put the command line or electric power out. I cannot check 61 rigs all the time.

I agree, it should be in the oc interface.

Until then you can add the lock through the miner options

bzminer: “oc_lock_memory_clock”: [810]
lolminer: --mclk 810

  • Miner: Wildrig-multi
  • Run Command: nvidia-smi -lmc 810

How to add this in extra config of flight sheet ?

not sure all miners have that option.

Are you mining kaspa? Try bzminer or lolminer

No I m trying LOG. it s a shitcoin. I m in spec mining after 15th September.
I mine different coins and find their stable oc settings.
I will be completly ready for all coin and all algos when the bear season is end.

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