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RTX3080ti not recognized

Hello Guys,

i recently bought two rtx3080ti. One from Asus /Tuf) and one from Palit. But it seems it is not running actually on Hiveos.
Does somebody know how to get them up and running ?

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again me. Found it, just needed to update to the lastet nvidia Drivers.

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Could you share your hashrate on 3080TI please?

Hi Petr,

of course. I got 57,25 and 57.29 MHash. In the start they hash with 105 MHash but due to the limiting it goes down within seconds to the desired rate.
I could get down with the power limit to 200 Watt. Below the hash Rate drops. I did not spent effort in tuning at the moment.
But i have the hope the 3080ti’s will get a unlock through the mining community soon :wink:
May be through a vbios.

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Small update for anyone interested in.

I now managed to get 65,5 Mhash by a little tweaking with

[Phoenix Miner@HiveOs]
Core locked: 1030
Mem: 2500
Power with this 210, 218, 222 Watt.

And now they are 3 ti’s :wink:

Enjoy mates!

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great with your settings my Gigabyte 3080ti also get 64,98 MH/s :slight_smile: stock i had 54-56 mh/s

nvidia drivers= 460.67

help i updated my driver and it still doesnt work

driver updated but still wont mine…

same here… added 3080 ti but it won’t mine. Updated drivers but still the same thing.
Did u get any resolution?