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Rtx3080 not working

good people,
I have a non-lhr rtx 3080 card, and I’m not able to mine with it, it just appears on the GA102 screen [GeForce RTX 3080] and there’s no sign of life, someone with the same problem that managed to solve it that can help me ?

Try the card by itself, directly on the motherboard, verify all the cables are working and fully seated as well.

Did you just buy it used or did this happen after a thermal pad change? I ask because I have a 3080 and after changing the thermal pads mine card did the same thing. However, it was my error as when I put the four pin connect back on I had not noticed I turn the connector the wrong way.

Also, I would double check to connections if your using two power supplies and make sure of the power and cables being used. I had to move on 3080 to another power to the other power supply and it ended up being the gauge of the cable.

3080 requires two 8 pin power and splitter for the riser. unless your using a all in one case like a Octominer.

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