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RTX3070 Boot Freeze

Hi all,

I have the following strange behaviour in a 3-GPU RIG.
When I boot with 1xRTX3060Ti + 1xRTX3070 (MSI Gaming Trio) + 1xRX580 everything works fine.
When I boot with 1xRTX3060Ti + 1xRTX3070 (GB Gaming X) + 1xRX580 again everything is fine.
When I try to boot with 1xRTX3060Ti + 1xRTX3070 (GB Gaming X) + 1xRTX3070 (MSI Gaming Trio) HIveOS detects 3 Nvidia GPUs and freezes right after the “Loading NVIDIA drivers” message and fails to load the Xserver and the Watchdog. The worker never comes online.
I have tried with a fresh rig.conf everytime but still no luck.
The tests lead me to believe that the risers are not a problem, the PSU is an RM850x modular which should be able to handle the load and HiveOS boots from an 120SSD.

I would appreciate any help.

Replace ur PSU is very small for 3 rtx cards…

Tried with a Corsair HX1200 Watt, still no luck.
The RM850x too should be enough, power does not seem to be the problem

Then check one by one the cards into rig… until you find the problematic card or riser…

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: anybody else?

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