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RTX3070 & 3060TI lower Hashrate when using "Delay in seconds before applying overclock"


Does anyone have experienced the following issue:

If I enable the function to delay the OC when the miner starts and after the delay time (60secs) I’m getting a lower Hashrate (1/1.5 MH - 60.50 instead of 62.5) on 2 of my cards (1 RTX3070 and 1 RTX3060TI).

Even if I try to re-apply the correct OC using the GUI the OC won’t reach the normal values. To fix the issues I have to delete the delay, reset these 2 cards’OC values, restart the miner, wait for the DAG creation and then re-apply manually the OC values.

That’s really strange… My question is: how the OC delay
function can influence the maximum card’s Hashrate?

Is it possible that higher OC values during DAG generation phase can improve performance but decrease stability?


There is definitely a connection between the Mem-speed when DAG is generated. However, it overweights the benefits to work with the delay since you eliminate most of the invalid shares which you otherwise would see if you have them overclock while generating the DAG. What you want to evaluate is invalid shares and hash rate over 48 hrs or something. I have quite a lot of cards and most are not able to generate DAG and be stable above 2200 mem oc. But there are a few exceptions that have accomplished 2650 stable.

Boa tarde!!!

Estou usando o atualização 0.6-204@210608

hiveos 5.4.80


RTX 3090 × 1·

RTX 3070 × 10·

RTX 3080 × 3

Alguma sugestão para melhorar o desempenho?


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