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RTX3060(v1) best setting discussions

I know there are several post related to this card, but I just wanted to have discussions specific to RTX3060 (v1).
Please share OC and miner setting.

Start from my side.

Since ERG and RVN profit are not so stable, I’m focusing on ETH mining. Hence I’m not using T-Rex dual mining.

My current config is following:
-Miner:lolminer ver 1.33
-Algo: ETH (DaggerHashimoto)
-OC: Core 1550, Mem 2400
-Perf: 39.5MH/s
-Pool: NH

I was using MiniZ but it spits tons of stale share
-Miner:MiniZ 1.8y4
-Algo: ETH (DaggerHashimoto)
-OC:Core -150, Mem 2700, PL 100
-Perf: 39MH/s

If you have better setting, please share!

Hi, i use miniz with a 3060 v1, 460.39, Ethash
with miniZ 1.8y3 i was stable at 40.2mhs with core 1500 and memory 2300 (adding --mode=80 in the miner config)
but i recently upgrade to miniZ 1.8y4.rc2 and got 39.7-39.8 mhs. Maybe i have to modifiy OC to get previous hashrate or use the “tune” option…
i will let u know


Exactly, until yesterday I was able to get 40.5MH on all my 3060 v1 cards. But with yesterday’s upgrade it got down to more or less 39.5.

Would appreciate a lot if you share your results once you do your testing :smiley:

Thinking about it, Just to be clear and to have more data to compare, I’m not sure which version of miner i had before, maybe it was 1.8y4.rc1.
My hashrate goes up and down from 39.6 to 39.8 watching the miner console.
I have just tried to modify OC but doesn’t work, i got worst results or locked by the miner.
I don’t understand how to use “–tune iN+dN” option suggested in the miniz release page and FAQ.
Any ideas how to solve it?
or if you know how to downgrade miniZ from hiveos let me know, please.

we have the same problem… it doesn’t let you downgrade to 1.8y4.rc1 in the flight sheet, and if you downgrade the HiveOS version it doesn’t solve anything. We just got f*cked by the last update. I wrote in the MiniZ release page comment section to see if they answer me.

Yeah I wrote in it too. let’s hope there will be some fix, i was pretty satisfied with my previous results.
Let me know if you find a solution, i will do the same :wink:

Great!! let’s keep in touch. I was really happy with the +40MH results too. Imagine one day reaching 50 :smiley:

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I found a way to downgrade the miner, select your flight sheet, click on the miner config and at the bottom of the page there is a button to select the Version of the miner. I downgrade to 1.8y4rc1 and got my 40+mhs back :wink:


Wow, thanks a lot!! you are a hero, let’s get back to +40MH then :smiley:

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Hi 3060 v1 owners!

lolminer ver1.34 is out (Latest HiveOS does include it), and they mentioned it will improve RTX 3060 v1 by 2% increase.
I’m planning to update the miner tomorrow and check the results and stability.

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Thanks, it will be interesting to know your result with a different miner. I tried to use the previous lolminer version but didn’t achieve a better hashrate than the one with miniz.

Hey, I’ve just been doing some tests to lolminer 1.34. It takes a while to autotune, after 15 minutes it still keeps calibrating. After it finishes calibrating it does roughly between 39.8 and 40.1 MHs. Therefore I think that miniZ is still ahead.

Please share your results when you try it out. Thanks!!

Both RTX3060 V1
Using lolminer 1.33

lolminer 1.34
First hash rate was similar with 1.33, but it gradually decreased and after 24hrs

Reverted back to 1.33

i read that there is some problem with lolminer 1.34, and your results seems to confirm that. Which nvidia driver do you have?


So you can try with miniZ 1.8y4rc1, i set core 1500 mem 2300 PL 120 and add the command “–mode=80”. I got 40,2mhs pretty stable, with 50°C 69%fan 109W . Give it a try

Kool, I’ll give a try.

BTW, “i read that there is some problem with lolminer 1.34”, can you tell me where you saw it?

in this thread:

i have also a 3070ti FE brand new and i don’t know to keep it or sell it. Seems that it could give 55-58 mhs, but for what i understand the 3070ti can’t work with 460.39. I will do some other investigation then i will decide if it’s worth to keep it.

Oh wow… THX!!!


I tried Miniz 1.84rc1 with your OC setting, but I had two issues.
1.I have two 3060v1 (with slot GPU0, GPU5), but only one GPU (either 0 or 5) was auto tuned to 40 MH (and other was just around 3MH/s… I did added -cd 0 5)
2.For some reason, three GPUs were detected on MiniZ console

So I ended up reverted to lolminer. But thanks anyway. I’ll do some further investigation when I got time.