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RTX2060 temp always high and lolminer reboot

Hi All, my RTX 2060 temp always above 70c, and i don’t know is it this reason (temp too high) causing lolminer reboot serveral times a day. Anybody have the same situation with me, please help!!Many Thanks

Ur temps are WAY too high…

I assume u are mining eth?

I would suggest to switch to T-Rex miner but it might work for lol miner as well.

Make sure u have the latest update and then try to set core 1000 and Mem 2000
PL shouldn’t matter with these settings

If it works, Samsung cards should settle around 65 W and Micron 75 W, MH around 32.

Let me know if that works for u

Hi, I would suggest set your OC on 2060 to
Core 1050 men 2000 pl 125.

Currently my temp is 59.

I reduce core clock -400 and working great.
Probably my temperature and hashrate is very good… :slight_smile:

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