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RTX low current Hashrate Ethermine

Hi, i just set up my HiveOS 1 day ago, a friend recommended to try T-rex miner.
I have 2 Issues.

  1. I have 3x 3070 (1x FE, 2x EVGA FTW3/XC3) the Hashrate looks good, everything is stable, but on Ehtermine it shows a significant lower hashrate than in HiveOS. Anybody knows how to change that ?

  2. I have one GTX 1660 Super, not plugged in because it is crashing after 2-3min and i get the message GPU is lost, and an error code 15 something. I tryed to troubleshoot but failed there, for safety, i disconnectet power.

I hope somebody can help with that.

What is the OC that your using ? try the below, this has been working for me like a charm

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