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Rtx 4090/4080/4070 ti

Is there anyone mining with a rtx 40xx series with energy saver option in BZminer?
I need stats about hashrate and power consumption with this config:

  • oc_lock_core_clock 1350
  • oc_core_clock_offset 430 (the max possible with a stable config)
  • oc_lock_memory_clock 810
    I need to know if clock offset limit works on all the cards (4090/4080/4070 TI).

core offset limits will be unique to each card, unique to different algos and will vary based on the core and memory clocks.

Yeah I know, but i need some indicative stats, not a precise one. I just need to have a talk and try some settings before spending 2k euro in a gpu.

Typically the 4000 series will support higher core offsets, if that’s what you’re wondering, but it ll comes down to silicon lottery. Someone verifying that that clock works on their card does not mean it will work on any card you buy.

I would like to know the “range” of Mhs and watts with this config, nothing more. Like “Ehi, with a 4090 I got 150mhs per 150w with this settings”. This is it.

Your question wasn’t very clear as you didn’t list algorithm or coins etc.

Yeah, i consider It now, i Need mainly for kaspa/radiant or any other Algo that can benefit from a offset setting.

Some thoughts: is a pretty decent baseline.
The discord for kaspa is full of overclocking and tweaking ranges.
Radiant, a bit more sparse, check the pool you are looking to mine too.

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