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RTX 4060 Stuck at whatever power limit i set it to, even on IDLE

So I bought a RTX 4060, Currently tripple mining ERG+PY+ZIL, everything working great but when i added the 4060 i noticed that its always stuck at whatever power limit i set it to, at idle its always at 115W, I have switched risers so its nit that, If i set PL 90 on the miner it actualy goes to 90 but this doesnt make sense, The wattage should vary like my other cards right? If I lower core Clock the 115W doesnt move, its static W for some reason, any idea of what it could be?

Rigel Miner Codes
-a autolykos2+pyrinhash+zil -o [3]stratum+tcp:// -u [3]KrexjP1EAtVvgTKYHwkcyfxDYhextSACzVa
–cclock [1]250,300,200,300,300
–lock-cclock [1]1305,1470,1305,2400,2490
–lock-mclock [1]2200,2600,810,2000,_
–lock-cclock [3]1305,1200,1100,2190,2100
–lock-mclock [3]X
–mclock [3]1200,1250,1100,1000,1000
–pl 120,160,125,170,115
–worker %WORKER_NAME%
–dual-mode a12

A power limit is just what it sounds like, it’s the max it will let the gpu draw. Theres no need for power limits with locked core clocks anyway, but if you set the power limit below what the card wants to draw to run the settings you told it to, it will throttle itself to that limit.

That makes sense but when i remove pwoer limit it also stays at the pwoer limit i had before, in this case 115W, this is not a oc problem, the card is simply not showing the right reported watts, also when its not mining its also at 115W

Also in the miner it doesnt report the watts

What kernel/driver are you on? Have you tested the card on its own with a known good psu directly on a motherboard slot? If so what was teh result?

I am just with the latest hiveos version and default amd drivers, and yes I even had a 6800 on that one riser and it didnt have this problem so its only this gpu, even tried placing the 4060 on another riser and nothing, also just added a 4060 ti to the rig now with 6 gpus and the 4060 keeps this problem, what I did to try to discover the real wattage is I lowered the power limit to 98 and hashrates doesnt drop, but If I go to 95 Its drops a little bit so i think its at 98, just dont know why its not showing it tho from the get go
A 5.4.6 (6.3.2401.0)
N 535.154.05

After removing the power limit you may need to reboot fist for it to stop limiting.

Ye I restarted it nothing changed, i mean its fine but its weird