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RTX 360Ti Support?

RTX 360Ti Support on HiveOS ? Anyone try ?
About hashrate and power consumption at the wall.

Yes, RTX 3060 ti works on HiveOS

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Could you tell us its power consumption at the wall, pls ?
is 62 MH stable for 24 hours ? did you test it for hours ?

Stable hash is 60,8Hz, but I’m still testing. Memory +2200, core -502, power consumption from the wall is 126W.

I bought 12 pc Zotac RTX3060Ti. I will received them in 3 days.

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seems to be a good card. same power consumption than 5700, slightly better hashrate…

I install my RTX 3060 Ti to my rig and it does not recognize the card properly. it says: Device 2486 · Gigabyte.

Any advice?


Edit: have to upgrade to 455.45.01 Nvidia drivers in shell

I have a lot of Rejected and Incorrect :frowning: . I tried with MEM: 2000 and didnt works… Any suggestion?

Those are my OC
Core: -500
Mem: 2100
PL: 130

If you dont mind me asking. Where did you purchase the 12 cards from?

I have a 3060 Ti Palit Dual OC card and Hive doesn’t show a name of the manufacturer (Palit) - there is only “Nvidia” - is it normall? my hashrate is rather poor so maybe I have a kind of problem with this card…

Maybe I should check anything?
Thanks in advance for any advice :wink:

on other rigs I see the manufacture’s in this place (eg. ZOTAC).

I have the same model and doesnt show a name but who cares? Mine is doing 60.5 Mhs with NBminer and 59 with phoenix.

Could you give info what oc settings you’re using?

-500 core 2200 memory and 122w

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i’ve the same problem :frowning:

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