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Rtx 3090

Hello friends!
Could you say some stabl settings to RTX 3090. Because -280 1850 65 give 118,6 mh/s but after 1 hour phoemix miner reboot. I try now -250 1600 65, work more 1hour but hashrate pump to 116mh/s.

How to choose settings that not reboot and stabl hashrate more 120?

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I would love to know as well. Iā€™m trying -300 1300 300 and I get 116 for 5 min, then it thermal throttles to 110 @ 283w. It a brand new Zotac card. I had the memory at 1700 and got 118/mh, but it rebooted miner frequently.

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i get 123,9mh @ 340w stable with rtx 3090

What brand card do you have? What is your memory set to? 123.9 is a nice hash

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I think i have a problem because used hive os by usb flash. Today change all and will write. But now stable work only -250 1600 66 390 and hash rate 116,4

Nice hash! How many card? What brand? Are you use by razer or inside motherbord?

Core - 300
MEM - 2600
PL - 300watts

MSI Gaming Trio


can you tell how you can kept those beast cool like that?
my Zotac is higher than that.

Im have solar, so I run a small air conditioner.

RTX3090 Founders

Core Clock Offset -300
Memory Clock 1000
Fan 0
Power Limit 260
Delay 20 sec (personal preference)

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Hi, I am Moses, Please i to confiremed what was your hashrate after applying this settings. Thanks

Hi, Please your response to the above question will go a long way in helping other. Thanks

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