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Rtx 3090 temperature

Hello, I am new to mining with an rtx 3090 which has an Mh / s of around 105. My card is still under a 1 year warranty, which is why I do not want OC, but I have a temperature of 59 °. Do you have any tips for keeping the temperature cooler?

Put a fan on top of the card and underclock the core

Any tips here for Gigabyte and EVGA 3090? I’m also just getting 110 mhs with 63C which is too hot for me. Would like to get at least 55C.

Settings right now are -200 Core, 500 Mem, 290 Watts

I don’t want to go above 58c. Room temp has a big influence also. I build my rig in the house and moved it in the warehouse now and its a lot easier to keep temp under control. Don’t go above 55c. Make sure to keep it there. I have it between 46c and 52c -300 2400 300pl and fans at 95% giving me 122.6 mh/s stable for days.
If you can keep it cool enough you can crank mem up to 2500 for 130mh but no more headroom left then. at 2600 the card gets cuda error. I think my settings are safe with the 48isch c. grts


Can you help me? I have a new 3090 FE, and its stable with the follwoing.

F=60…Core= -100… Mem= 2800… PL=300

My temp is 44C & my MH/s is 124.3.

I cannot seem to find mem temps withing HiveOS, do you think this is ok to run 24/7 or at Mem= 2800 and I doing damage… I have no invalid shares.

Sorry, only just now seeing this, I would keep it like it is if it’s stable. 44c is great with 124mh/s. Don’t get greedy and kill your gpu for getting 1 or 2 extra hash. Last week it was very hot around here and in the day time I even put my rigs to rest, not to overheat them. These gpu’s are expensive enough :wink:
You cannot see mem temp in hive for rtx but be sure it is at least 25 to 35 c more then gpu temp (could be even more ), depending on state of thermalpads. So beware for that…


2800 is much for me…

Locked core. 3090 Founders Edition.

Have you applied new thermal pads and paste? If yes, could you please provide me a link that I can buy them from?
Another question is:

With the latest veron of trex miner, I can now see the temperature of vram. The strange thing is, that GPU temp is around 44 c, but vram is around 108 c. Since the only issue seems to be with vram temp, I have replaced the stock thermal pads used on memory modules (that is, I have only changes the pads that is under the outer plate.) But it seems didn’t work well as I still have 108 c. Do you have any advise on that?

Hi! I got few 3090 and I changed one of them thermal pads and paste and now I got GPU temp 60c and mem temp on T-Rex miner 86c i think that’s low I bought normal 3 and 2mm pads and changed it and then I placed big aluminium plate on back of the gpu so the back mem modules can be low too and I think it working fine.

great idea planning pads and radiator with fan for mem\

that one one my farms , iam new to thus too , this farm seats in growth tent with exhaust and intakes

Looks great but you get some MHs drops so yeah your idea sound great what tent you are using?

I’ve tried… tents don’t work when you have some heat and 3090 or RX5700XT would be the hottest cards. Now I have a small mining room with a 25x25 furnace air filter cut in the door and a 12" AC infinity as an exhaust fan (since you don’t need intake). No dust. 30 cards. When it gets over 80F outside weather I do have some issues with EVGA 3090 cards dropping to 100-110Mh/s but overall it’s running smooth and ambient temps don’t go over 90F inside.

  1. do not use the power limit. Lock the core. Try 1170 and mem 2250-2300 without any power limit.
  2. get some fans. Depending on your power supply you can use 2 per molex “EZDIY-FAB 12cm 120mm 200CFM 4000RPM”. Those take like 40w each. Do not put more than 3 per molex or you will burn something. Place the card on the frame the way that the backplate will be in the middle of this fan. after a few minutes you’ll go back to 120Mh/s with this fans. They drop 10-15C from any card but they do take a little too much power. Considering your current situation where you are about to burn your cards - that’s something that I would prioritize and do right away.
  3. update HiveOS to see your memory temperatures. I bet it will be over 110F and that’s NO good.
  4. I know stuff like AC Infinity 6" sounds like a good solution (tell me if I guessed it right) but it’s not enough for grow tents. When my GPUs were inside of the tent I had a feeling that the tent was warming them up for no reason. Reflective material does not absorb heat making it almost impossible to cool off any cards. My RX6600 got to 100% fan when they usually spin at 20% fan. Long story short - try to send your tent back and build something more permanent from wood and furnace air filters.
    You need a ton of airflow. If you can build a smaller box with an air filter on the bottom and exhaust on top you’ll get some really good improvements.
    Here’s my setup to get you a better idea.

Read this thread. We both use aircons.

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