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RTX 3090-Is this coil whine? you can hear that weird sound in the background. Is this coil whine?

Maybe? coil whine is normally like running your finger around the rim of a wine glass, I hear more like a buzz but maybe some higher freq noises too.

try keeping the fans at the same speed with the OC tool and lower your max wattage, if the noise goes away it’s coil whine, and it can also come from the motherboard at high power levels, idk if that’s from induction or the load on the pci bus? :thinking:

The sound depends a lot on the size, shape of the inductor coil. and the freq they operate at.

I’ve worked with some very high powered drivers in industrial VFD’s that sound like a 12" sub buzzing at 400hz lol

I don’t think it will shorten the life of the GPU? but maybe someone else has info on that?
Is it loud enough to be bothersome or something?

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