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RTX 3090 different hash rate help!

Hey everyone I’m newbie in HiveOs and I’m really seeking for help in here ,

My rig consists of x3 3060 12 GB LHR running with no issues x2 Zotac 3090 on of them 122/mh and the other one 104/mh x1 evga 3090 122/mh and the 3090s they’re extremely hot

I tried so many OC offset none of them is stable … I’ll appreciate if someone could help .

dont use offsets for 30 series, use a locked core clock and go as low as possible while maintaining max hashrate. for 3090s its usually around 1130mhz. should drop your power draw to around 300w each.

you can also run this command to see if its thermal throttling (the one with low hashrate is, but just to confirm later):

nvidia-smi -q | egrep “Thermal Slowdown”

start back at 0 on the memory and slowly raise until it starts throttling again. use 100% fan to start and dial back last after setting your overclocks.

Hey Keaton

Thanks for and sorry the late reply I was out of town I tried everything for sure I’m doing something wrong I’ll appreciate if can help me

What’s the current state of everything? What issues are you having?