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RTX 3080Ti suddenly dropped power limit

Hi All,

I recently started using HiveOS so not too experienced, but everything worked fine so far. This morning I had a power outage and when I turned back the rig my 3080Ti suddenly seems to be stuck at 250W and 72-75 MHS on ETH and T-Rex.
Before the outage it used 280W and reached around 85 MHS with the same settings. Tried to raise the power limit from 280 to 300, but no change. Also tried to switch miners from T-Rex to lolminer, or nbminer, but still kind of stuck at 250W and 72-ish hash.
Any ideas or suggestions?

run nvidia-smi -q and see if its throttling

This actually helped. It was thermal throttling, but wasnt clear why. I’ve moved it to my windows PC for further testing and noticed the memory runs on insane temps.
The card is an MSI Ventues 3x which I had to find out has bubblegum instead of thermal pads. Will replace them soon and hopefully the mem temp throttling will disappear.

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I was having issues with AUTOFAN shut that off and my problems went away.

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