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Rtx 3080ti Nbminer unlocked, 2 rigs, can't get the second to perform the same

I have two rigs currently, that are all 3080ti’s same setup of Ryzen 3 1200, 8gb ram
Rig one is 4 MSI gamix x trios and 2 EVGA FTW3 Ultras
Rig one has 1x 850W PSU + 2x 750W PSU
Rig one runs at 470MH/s @ ~1700w

Rig two is 5 EVGA FTW3 Ultras and 1 MSI Gaming X Trio
Rig two has 3x 850W PSU
Rig two runs at 498MH/s @ ~1700W

I have no idea why, as they are almost identical, but I cannot overclock Rig 1 the same as I overclock Rig 2, as soon as I bump up memory to +2000 or more it just crashes the whole rig, LA shoots up, and crashes.

Whereas rig 2 runs at +2700 memory and no problem whatsoever.

Can someone maybe shine a light on why it is like so? Is it possible because of the insufficient PSU wattage? Or wiring? Risers are powered by molex to 6 pins, and cards are powered by two direct 8pins to the PSU with one slot daisy chained off the other.

this is the second rig

Hello, did you fix the problem?

I have the same problem with 2 cards Palit 3080 Ti. They work just on 2000 memory. If I increase this value the rig crashes.

I still can’t fix this problem …

I’m trying all three miners T-rex, Nbminer and Gminer but the result are the same …

If anyone has a solution please share. Thank you in advance!

Did you try to overclock one by one?
Which miner you use?

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